Partnering with a Coach

Coaching services for individuals include:

  • Tele-Coaching (coaching by phone)
  • Group Coaching
  • Structure Of A Coaching Call


    Most clients choose to work by phone and calls are scheduled three (3) times a month for 45 minutes. We will work together to determine a call schedule that works for you. Each basic schedule includes an additional 5 minute interim coaching call that you may use to announce wins or to discuss a choice you want additional coaching on.

    Group Coaching

    Group coaching is especially worthwhile when 2-5 people are working on similar goals. This type of coaching is generally accomplished on the phone, as participants may be located at multiple sites. The richness of each individual's contributions provide great value to a group. The call is conducted over a phone bridge line.

    The suggested frequency and length for these calls is three (3) 55-minute calls per month.

    An introductory 30-minute coaching session can also be arranged to discuss the structure and benefits of the varied coaching services available.

    Structure Of A Coaching Call

    Clients bring many things to a coaching call - celebrations, accomplishments, challenges, unexpected events, new found truths, decisions to be made, turning points, completions, new ideas, results, contributions, progress... to name a few. We begin with a clarification of your strengths and then define your goals and the strategies to set them in motion.

    A sample coaching appointment agenda is one in which we:

    • celebrate your successes and what you are most proud of
    • talk through your challenges and opportunities
    • choose the next steps
    • glean the value from the call

    This general agenda will be refined by your goals and the development tools we have selected to help you reach those goals. For example, perhaps you have a goal of increasing the amount of time you spend on higher priorities in your life. In the coaching call we might...

    celebrate saying no to something that represents a lower priority. What you received was the time to accomplish something specific related to your higher priority! Congratulations!
    discuss the challenges associated with limiting your involvement in lower priority activities, and examine and clarify the opportunities that focusing on the higher priorities will bring.
    choose the next steps that will keep you focused on your higher priority goals.
    identify the value of a specific activity or point of discussion within the coaching process that was particularly helpful to you.

    What we discuss in the coaching call is up to you. You set the agenda and I support a structure to help you focus, clarify, or shift  a perspective - all with a purpose to establish a foundation built on your strengths and discover the practical solutions to move forward positively.