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ean Strosinski
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)
Master of Arts, Technological/Occupational Education

I am a coach for the whole person – someone with whom you can integrate and connect your personal world with the demands of your professional environment. I am a developer of training programs for the organizations that realize the value of their workforce, and are ready to implement change in career development opportunities through a competency development initiative.

You, as an individual, can use my support to define your strengths, focus in on your career path, establish your long and short-term goals, see the new perspective and build the constructive choices in a life you want to design.

Your organization can realize my support to implement a competency program to identify the talents and strengths of your workforce, identify the gaps, and take a strategic look at a path forward to grow and develop your people.

"My strengths identify me as a person who empathizes, relates to, and develops those whose lives I touch, stretching all to define their performance excellence, while always respecting the unique qualities you especially bring to your life, and your life's work."

You can expect me to support you to … find clarity, be understood, stand on solid ground, engage in your life and your life’s work, and discover a new perspective on how your strengths play in your world. My special gifts … I am a 'be-active listener'. I make it easy for you to share, feel, seen and be heard … I will nail the truth and share the positive lesson in every situation … I am your partner to brainstorm great ideas and put the strategic plan in place … I model leadership in my personal and professional worlds.

My first major constructive choice was to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Blackburn College, a private liberal arts, student cooperative work college located in Illinois. Thus began a career path with a focus in education and a choice to live a life framed by continuous learning. This has included graduate studies, more classes, specialized training, a lot of volunteer work, and reading more books than fit on my nightstand. My "education" career path includes:

  • a B.A. in Elementary Education
  • a M.A. in Technological/Occupational education
  • a Certified Graduate designation from Coach University
  • a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation
  • a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) from the International Society for Performance Improvement
  • pursuit of a PhD in Professional Coaching

Throughout my career, I have supported colleagues to improve and enhance work performance issues and methodologies. I have worked in private and public educational institutions, government service and contracting organizations, and consulted with a variety of companies and industries. Since 1990 my professional work focus has included training design and implementation to enhance organizational learning, workplace performance and coaching to an individual's strengths for their personal benefit, that ultimately results in anticipated success for their organization.

"Are you making constructive choices to live the life you want?"

Personal Mission and Vision

Mission: My Constructive Choice is to inspire, connect and live fully in a world bound by personal and professional strengths, abundant choices, and the love of learning for the positive and constructive growth of my clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Vision: International organizations are profitable because they acknowledge their personnel’s diversity of strengths. These organizations in turn, choose to create a work environment grounded in positive strategies and moving forward with practical actions.