Management & Professional Coaching

Why Coach Management and Leaders in an Organization?

Managers, new and experienced, as well as potential and high performing leaders are busy. So busy sometimes, they are not always available to their employees. And their management are busy as well. Coaching provides an organization's personnel an enhanced performance support system. Coaching also reinforces the training and new manager's development of newly learned knowledge and skills for leadership, management performance effectiveness.

If you are not currently a manager, team leader, or supervisor but aspire to move in that career direction, then coaching provides the same support system. Begin to think and perform as a manager and you are already taking the right steps to move on that career path.

Focus of Management Coaching

There are several areas for a management coaching focus to enhance performance to benefit the individual and the organization. Consistent coaching of individuals in your organization may include a focus in the areas of:

Interpersonal and Business Communication
Positive Strategies, Practical Actions, Effective Results
Manager Coaching Skills
Team Building and Team Development
Performance Deliverables
Manager to Leader
Management Responsibilities (Performance reviews, recruitment, retention, budgeting, disciplinary actions, etc)

"And if you did know, what would that look or sound like?"

Who Benefits in the Organization?

Everyone! Coaching has a stronger impact to the organization if it is offered from the top level down. The ongoing collaborative support of a coach allows your leadership to work on real-time opportunities and challenges. Coaching isn't just another hour in your day. Coaching is an hour's investment of focused time to clarify and get what you need to do done NOW. Your performance benefits are real-time and immediate when you partner with a coach.

The Benefits You Will Realize From the Coaching Partnership

Ongoing appointments make it easier to keep on track, maintain a focus on your goals, consistently clarify your choices and discover your strengths.
Work SMARTER to achieve your goals, choosing positive strategies and moving to practical action.
Perform in your career and daily work using your personal strengths and balance these with your professional choices.
Discover your creativity in a constructive choice when you explore a language of strengths and show up at your best
Choose a constructive direction in the face of change and transition

Partnering With A Coach

Structure Of A Coaching Call

Clients bring many things to a coaching call - celebrations, accomplishments, challenges, unexpected events, new found truths, decisions to be made, turning points, completions, new ideas, results, contributions, progress... to name a few. We begin with a clarification of your strengths and then define your goals and the strategies to set them in motion.

A sample coaching appointment agenda is one in which we:

acknowledge your successes and what you are most proud of from the last week or two
dialogue on your challenges and opportunities
choose the next steps
glean the value from the call

This general agenda will be refined by your goals and the development tools we have selected to help you reach those goals. For example, perhaps you have a goal of increasing the amount of time you spend on higher priorities in your life. In the coaching call we might...

celebrate saying no to something that represents a lower priority. What you received was the time to accomplish something specific related to your higher priority! Congratulations!
discuss the challenges associated with limiting your involvement in lower priority activities, and examine and clarify the opportunities that focusing on the higher priorities will bring.
choose the next steps that will keep you focused on your higher priority goals.
identify the value of a specific activity or point of discussion within the coaching process that was particularly helpful to you.

What we discuss in the coaching call is up to you. You set the agenda and I support a structure to help you focus, clarify, or shift  a perspective - all with a purpose to establish a foundation built on your strengths and discover the practical solutions to move forward with a positive intention.

Individual, Corporate and Organizational Services

Tele-Coaching (coaching by phone)
On-Site Coaching
Skill Development
Project Coaching & Consulting

If you are interested in more information about services available to your organization or have a question about other services please contact me
via email or phone at 505.286.4079

I would be glad to discuss the structure and benefits of different coaching services. A complimentary 30 minute coaching session can also be arranged.

For more details on particular structure and choices in coaching, please visit our Workplace Development & Performance Improvement page.