About Constructive Choices and Jean Strosinski, Ph.D.
Jean Strosinski, PhD, PCC, BCC   

Constructive Choices

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About Jean Strosinski, PhD, PCC, BCC
Founder and Managing Director of Constructive Choices

Jean Strosinski, PhD, PCC, BCC
• PhD - Professional Coaching and   Human Development

• Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

• Board Certified Coach (BCC)

I am a coach for the whole person – someone with whom you can integrate and connect your personal world with the demands of your professional environment. I have a strong foundation in developing training programs for organizations that realize the value of their workforce and implementing change in career development opportunities through competency development initiatives.

You, as an individual, can use my support to define your strengths, focus in on your career path, establish your long and short-term goals, see the new perspective and build the constructive choices in a life you want to shape.

Your organization can realize my support with personnel development opportunities to identify the talents and strengths of your workforce, identify the gaps, and take a strategic look at a path forward to grow and develop your people.

"Are you making constructive choices
to shape the life you want?"
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Helping you to:

your life's perspective

Discover your strengths...

Choose positive strategies to implement practical solutions...

Build your constructive choices...

Stretch comfortably into personal and professional growth...


My Personal Mission
and Vision

Mission: My Constructive Choice is to inspire, connect and live fully in a world bound by personal and professional strengths, abundant choices, and the love of learning for the positive and constructive growth of my clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Vision: International organizations are profitable because they acknowledge their personnel’s diversity of strengths. These organizations in turn, choose to create a work environment grounded in positive strategies and engaging in practical actions or solutions

"You can count on me for a consistently fresh
approach, embodied with  creativity, experience,
wisdom, and choices connected with positive strategies that move you to practical action."

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