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Constructive Choices

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"Can you do things a different way to enhance your life?"

Types Of Clients

Jean works with clients of varied backgrounds and experiences. Her clients include:

What all of her clients have in common is a desire to choose positive strategies, discover practical solutions, and grow into a life of meaningful movement.

Coaching Focus

Employing Performance Success Strategies

Acknowledging Personal/Professional Strengths

Planning Goals And Living Them

Discovering a Management Coaching Approach And Style

Communication Skills, Relationship Building

Life Planning for Retirement

Teamwork/Team Development

Career Development and Career Management

" Making connections between various themes and issues that occur at different levels through Jean's use of metaphors, analogies, and examples. Again, this is one of Jean's superior strengths as a coach, which helped me along the most. The examples Jean used many times helped me see in a different way."  —M.L., Training Manager, choosing new directions in the face of change and transition

"Goals are never too is just how you set them up. Jean helped me to break my goals down and realize they are doable  and why they are important."  —W.D., Heartful Entrepreneur working SMARTER on goals by becoming engaged in a strategic process

"Jean made me sit down to reflect and check off things every week, and always cheered me on to do it. I feel more at peace and calm. Feels like I am ready to 'leave the nest,' though I might want to come back for an occasional tune-up. It is such an incredible learning experience. Jean has helped me to see things differently."  —B.H., Small business owner balancing the personal and professional choices in their dream

Jean's clients are individuals...

"My life is now in more perfect balance! I have discovered so much about myself. But the most important thing is that Jean has helped me discover my own useful 'lifestyle tools' to attract positive and wonderful 'magic' in my life. I no longer have "'dreams' - only realities!"
- C.F., Doctoral student and professional
discovering a lifetime of choices

"Realizing that in putting this plan on paper, that I controlled what I am doing, although supervised by others. Jean believed in me and I was able to let this control go."
- L.E., A true professional wanting to be at choice in their career and daily work