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Jean Strosinski, PhD, PCC, BCC   

Print Strategy

Learning Why You Do the Things You Do

The Hertz-Reeder Group, the developers of PRINT Strategies, explain the PRINT this way:

"Prints can be thought of as the DNA of personality. They determine our view of the world - why we do what we do and why we are who we are. They explain how we react and how we relate. PRINTS are at the core of what motivates us and what drives us crazy. PRINTS determine our getting what we want and reveal our life's challenge. They provide us insight and understanding about others."

You, like many others, will find yourself clarified in the PRINT as your results will support what you truly know about yourself - a knowing of a personal truth. From this knowing there is a deeper understanding of the who and why you show up in your world.

Most importantly, you will discover a language to describe your positive attributes (Best Self) and more clearly understand the negative attributes (Shadow Traits). Having a richer language of your positive attributes allows you to also provide the appropriate language and descriptions of your natural talents to those who appraise performance in your work environments.

The Hertz-Reeder Group further explains that, "The real power of Prints comes about when we apply the Print Strategies to unleash the full human potential that lies within each of us. We can achieve levels of performance, productivity and success that would otherwise not be attainable. We can impact many facets and dimensions of our lives with Print Strategies.

  • Our own personal growth and development
  • Our relationships - both work and personal
  • Our teams
  • Our organization - its performance, results and culture
  • Our careers: being in tune with our natural abilities

The PRINT Strategy Package:

$150 - Cost of the PRINT Survey and a one and a half-hour debrief to include:

  • Language to clarify your performance in your workplace and in your relationships
  • Knowing an environment where you can do your best work
  • Your "Best Self" - your natural talents and strengths... what can you use more of?
  • Your "Shadow" behaviors - sometimes your "Best Self" overdone
  • Your unconscious personal motivators
  • A validation of how you take in information and then evaluate it

Upon completion of the PRINT Survey, Jean is certified to explain your survey results. Contact Jean (or call 505-720-0697) today to begin using a knowledge of your powerful motivators and construct the choices to focus on the positive strategies and implement practical solutions.