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Management, Leadership and Professional Coaching

Why Coach Managers and Leaders in Your Organization?

Managers, new and experienced, as well as potential and high performing leaders have very full lives. So full sometimes, they are not always available to their employees. And their management is busy running full schedules as well. Coaching provides an organization's personnel an enhanced performance support system. Coaching also reinforces the new manager's development of newly learned knowledge and skills for leadership and management performance effectiveness.

If you are not currently a manager, team leader, or supervisor but aspire to move in that career direction, then coaching is your first tool and provides a new support system for YOU. Begin to think and perform as a manager and you are already taking the right steps to move into that career path.

Who Benefits in the Organization?

Everyone! Coaching has a stronger impact to the organization if it is offered from the top level down. The ongoing collaborative support of a coach allows your leadership to work on real-time opportunities and challenges. Coaching isn't just another hour in your day. Coaching is an hour's investment of focused time to clarify and get what you need to do done NOW. Your performance benefits are real-time and immediate when you partner with a coach.

The Benefits You Will Realize From the Coaching Partnership

  • Ongoing appointments make it easier to keep on track, maintain a focus on your goals, consistently clarify your choices and discover your strengths.

  • Work SMARTERTM to achieve your goals, choosing positive strategies and moving to practical action.

  • Perform in your career and daily work using your personal strengths and balance these with your professional choices.

  • Discover your creativity in a constructive choice when you explore a language of strengths and show up at your best

  • Choose a constructive direction in the ongoing paths of change and transition

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Constructive Choices

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Payment Options

Fees are provided upon request. Personal and/or business checks and PayPal are welcome forms of payment.

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