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Structure Of A Coaching Call

Clients bring many things to a coaching call - celebrations, accomplishments, challenges, unexpected events, new found truths, decisions to be made, turning points, completions, new ideas, results, contributions, progress... to name a few. We begin with a clarification of your strengths and then define your goals and the strategies to set them in motion.

A sample coaching appointment agenda is one in which we:

What we discuss in the coaching call is up to you. You set the agenda and I support a structure to help you focus, clarify, or shift  a perspective - all with a purpose to establish a foundation built on your strengths and discover the practical solutions to move forward with a positive intention.

Individual, Corporate and Organizational Services

If you are interested in more information about services available to your organization or have a question about other services please contact me via Email or by phone at
(505) 720-0697

I would be glad to discuss the structure and benefits of different coaching services. A complimentary 30 minute coaching session can also be arranged.

For more details on particular structure and choices in coaching, please visit our Workplace Development & Performance Improvement page.

Constructive Choices

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