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Jean Strosinski, PhD, PCC, BCC   

Workplace Development and Performance Improvement

Workplace Development

Organizations do realize that people are their most valued resources. And... there is so much to do in running a department, group, division, that there leaves little time for an organization to also focus on creating a strong workforce development initiative.

Constructive Choices, NM, LLC has worked these last few years with organizations that are ready to invest in their human resources. These organizations are investing and moving to uncover a clearer picture of their personnel's strengths and abilities. An additional benefit to the organization is learning specifically where their talent gaps are, and where the organization has a potential to grow and change.

The outputs of the workforce development consulting may include some of the following:

  • Identification of competency domains and related tasks performed by the staff

  • Personnel strengths and talents

  • Gaps where there are limited resources

  • Excess capability of staff not currently being utilized

  • Clarity and focus for the organization's strategic direction (Performance indicators and needs for the organization)

  • Professional individual development plans

  • Career path progressions for the staff

  • Job/task analysis

Performance Improvement

Why Performance Improvement and not just "Training?"

Formal training isn't always the answer to growing or developing your workforce. The goal is to improve or maintain performance at a level that satisfies the employee and benefits the work requirements of the organization. Developing staff may be an individual or group activity.

Regardless of the number of staff, it will be effective if it meets the needs of the organization and the learning styles and motivations of the learner. Solutions may range from formal training to informal learning and non-training development opportunities. The latter may include work rotations, mentorship, coaching, external educational conferences, workshops, etc. The list can be long and rich in its value to both the organization and staff member.

Performance Improvement is a broader view and focus of how an employee may grow to offer significant value in the workplace.

I am dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. My career in performance improvement began as an instructional designer for government subcontractors and has evolved to be more than just a developer of training programs.

My focus is to support the organization by connecting with their personnel to encourage increased motivation and engagement, and to take ownership of their development in support of their employer. The coaching expertise I bring is blended with my knowledge of training development for an integrated approach improving workplace performance and the organization's support of its greatest assets.

Constructive Choices

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