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Which of your top strengths are you currently using?
And... more importantly, which strength have you ignored
and now need to engage more deliverately?


"Partnerships - Charting the adVenture" Presented at the December 2003 NMISPI meeting. Practical and current research to identify the Top Ten Navigational Tools to strengthen your partnerships. View Presentation.

Programs & Workshops

Performance Success Strategies

  • Performance Success Strategies Model

  • "Be Active" Listening

  • Aligning Personal and Your Organizations Values

  • Flexing your Strengths Muscle

  • Managing Transitions in Change

  • Powerful Perspectives

  • The SMARTER™ Model

  • Creating an Effective Partnership

  • Balancing Team Dynamics

  • Leader as Coach...Practice/Practice/Practice

Working SMARTER™ with SMART Goals (Goal-Planning)

Constructive Team Development

Managing My Life (Stress, Change, Time, Career Choices, Retirement, Direct Employment, Health Lifestyle Planning)

And customized workshops to honor and engage your organization and your people

If you'd like more information on the above workshops and presentations, please call Jean at (505) 720-0697 or send an Email.